Lincoln 'Linc' Wood, is a Grigori of the Powers Choir, with the ability to shadows of those who have been under the influence of both light and dark exiles. His ability is proven in Embrace when he recognized the shadows clinging to Violet. It is also mentioned throughout the series and was finalized in Empower. In the books, his only romantic interest is Violet Eden , his Grigori partner and soulmate.  He is viewed by Violet and the Assembly themselves as a true and strong Grigori warrior and a leader. Even though throughout the first few novels of the series Lincoln is very controlled and discrete with his true feelings towards Violet, but he has short lengths of jealousy when Violet is caught off guard with Phoenix , Spence and later with Gray.

Biography Edit

Physical Attributes Edit

Personality and Traits Edit

Grigori Powers Edit

Relationships Edit

Partner Edit

  • Violet Eden

Family Edit

Friends Edit

  • Griffin

Love Interests Edit

  • Violet Eden

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